Balluff Products

Balluff sensor solutions and systems represent individual products which are optimally tailored to your sector and your application conditions and requirements. Our comprehensive sensor and
networking expertise offers a range of technologies for use around the world.

Balluff has a solution for any application need;

  • Factory automation
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Machine tools
  • Plastics, rubber and tyres
  • Steel and iron industry
  • Energy
  • Semiconductors
  • Hydraulics

Industrial networking and connectivity – Sensors, systems, bus technology: extensive intelligent networking

Industrial identification – For optimised production processes: the system controls itself and the data ensures the best possible workflow.

Object detection – Comprehensive system expertise from a single source: for need-based solutions in all areas of automation.

Linear position and distance measurement – Technological diversity for your drive control, machine monitoring, and checking processes.

Fluid sensors – The best solutions in the field of pressure and fill level sensors to provide support for your processes.

Accessories – Optimum periphery for the sensor: reliable products for timesaving, low-cost integration into your automation.

Balluff represents the following products:

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